Sunday, December 19, 2010


For a Better Way to Live

You will achieve your grand dream, a day at a time, so set goals for each day – not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you , step by step, towards your rainbow. Write them down, if you must, but limit your list so that you won't have to drag today's undone matters into tomorrow. Remember that you cannot build your pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient. Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most important goal – to do the best you can, enjoy this day, and rest satisfied with what you have accomplished.

There are people who have been so successful all their lives they've got even to be the most influential person in the city. The problem is that when they reckon themselves they see a hallow pit within themselves; because all these days they have been doing things they do not love and they haven't learned to love.

But sometimes you've got to love what you do. There is a saying that goes “true happiness lies not in doing what you like but in liking what you do.” I don't know exactly what this means, but for me it's either way.

Sometimes you have to do both. Sometimes you abhor medications but since your body needs it, you have to take it. Everybody wants easy money. Typically nobody wants handwork but you have do it to make a living or for money. But unless you'll learn to put value or to find the value in everything that you do then only we can say that you've got to do things one at time.

When you set goal for that day be sure to do it or finish it before the day ends. Those unfinished task usually clings like barnacles on your shoulders ones they are undone and will accumulate tomorrow.

In my experience of working in a corporate world where work is more than what my job description has been telling me to do, sometimes a work done at a day is better and more stress relieving than several tasks left halfway or undone. I always make it a habit to focus on one task at a time and make sure that it is done before the day is off.

Enjoy your work until it ceases to be work anymore.

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