Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Be Blessed. Be Inspired. Be Restored.


The conference is one of the biggest Catholic Learning Event in the country. It started in 2006 spearheaded by the founder Bo Sanchez. It has become an annual event since the maiden voyage at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City.

In 2006 the first event was held under the servanthood of the Light of Jesus Community, also founded by Bo Sanchez. The first Kergyma event was titled Kerygma Live! The prayer convention overwhelmed so many that they demanded for a repeat of such event. By the following year the event was formally dubbed as “The Kerygma Conference” with the additional support from the sister organization, the Shepherd’s Voice Radio and TV Foundation, also founded by Bo Sanchez.

In 2007, Kerygma Conference 2007 under the thrust You Have The Power embarked its spiritual sinews to transform people under spiritual dryness and doldrums. The conference awakens the spiritual power of each and everyone to a new life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, people hunker for more. Bo thinking that they have already given the spiritual nourishment to people laid again the consecutive conference – The Kerygma Conference 2008 Awaken The Miracle In You! This reminds the participants of their capability of make miracles in themselves through faith to our Divine Master – our Lord Jesus Christ!

In 2009, the event has been such unstoppable that it gets bigger and bigger, stronger and happier. After instilling in the hearts and mind of every participant the miracle within, it’s time to let them know that we have a Big God above. So the theme for the next Conference was Dream Big and Win Big – thus the Kerygma Conference 2009 Dream Big and Win Big!.

This 2010, the recently concluded event was dubbed Restoration! An event that orchestrates and redeems the natural mayhem we have experienced at the remaining months of 2009, such as the typhoon Ondoy. In spiritual solitude and meditation, Bo knows God wants his people to be restored – thus the Kerygma Conference 2010 Restored!


Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or known as Bo Sanchez holds the baton of this event. He was a Catholic charismatic preacher, author, entrepreneur, corporate speaker and founder of so many books and organizations.

He was 13 years old when he got the spark in doing what God planned him to do. He was invited one time in a prayer meeting his mother and her company usually do at their garage. Then one time he was quoted by his mom that he would later be preaching to thousands of people. That thought was saluted by Bo Sanchez and started stepping his best foot forward – to share and shine his “light to the world.”

Bo Sanchez founded the Light Of Jesus Community (LOJ) in 1980, which is the head organization. Later he founded some other organizations such as the Shepherd’s Voice Publications, Shephered’s Voice For TV and Radio, Anawim, The Feast and a lot more – including the Kerygma Magazine and the Kerygma Family.


The Kerygma is a Greek terminology for “proclamation of the Gospel.” It started as a magazine suggested by his father. Bo heeded the suggestion, named the magazine as Kerygma and 20 (and counting) years later becomes the most popular spiritual magazine in the country despite of the predicament before its popularity.

Then the magazine spawned a sister organization called the Kerygma Family. From here, the burning torch of faith becomes more intense and bright that it mushroomed to a bigger event – the Kerygma Conference!


They could not help but held the event in a bigger venue; such as the Philippine International Convention Center at Roxas Boulevard.

They could not help but gets better every year with more surprises at store. This time it’s a 3-day spiritual gala from November 26, 27 and 28, 2010.

And they could not help but bring more souls closer and more intimate to our Lord Jesus Christ. And as bonuses to the event, which I consider as the happiest event I have ever attended although I attend concerts of popular singers as part of my job, is the joy we felt that no amount the world could ever offer.

Truly, this is the happiest place on earth!

We may call it spiritual event; but hey where is the soul without the mind and the body! The conference is so unique (from any other charismatic event, so to say), that it doesn’t offer only spiritual nourishment but it includes the whole aspects of a human being – social, marriage, mental, physical, emotional and a lot more. Because we believe those are integral parts of ones’ spiritual being.

Each of us huddles different brokenness either from childhood or of the present. It could be marriage, spiritual, personal, emotional aspects of you. That is why what are in store are different forms of restorations they offer:

THE LEADERSHIP Restoration (The Secret to Sustainability and Explosive Growth) – a specialized whole day event for aspirant leaders or for those who are looking for restoration in a “leadership” unto his self.

THE MARRIAGE Restoration (The Secret to a Fantastic Family Life) – this conference is for married couples who want to be reoriented to their marriage vows, be more intimate, be more loving and be more responsible parents.

THE SINGLES Restoration (The Secret to a Blissful Journey) – this is a conference that give singles a blow by blow restoration on their single brokenness as well as single decision making, relationship, sex and finding their partners in life.

YOUTH Restoration (The Secret to Level-Up Living) – one of the happiest conferences in the KCON, obviously by namesake. This conference teaches the youth (specially high school and collage students) life direction and how fun it is to be young and living life with God. This is to empower youths of today of their spiritual realm as well as social.

FAITH Restoration (The Secret to Being a Happy Catholic) – here you’ll be thankful of being a Catholic. Here you’ll be amazed of the treasures of Catholic faith that abounds in each and every one of us. A truly faith enriching conference, after that you’ll have all the reason to be a proud Catholic.

INNER Restoration (The Secret of Healing and Deliverance) – this is a restoration that arrests and reconciles your inner wounds and the wrong beliefs that blocks you from growing. This restoration guides you to be a healing agent to others too. You’ll be ushered to an energized living through faith. You’ll be washed away from wrong notions in your life and turn you into the light.

HAPPY CELEBATES Restoration (The Secret of Not Being Alone but Not Being Lonely) – here celibates are happier than kings. They are to be reminded of their important task of being called to God’s Love and Mercy. Alone but not lonely will be reconciled and be known to them in this seminar.

SINGLE PARENTS Restoration (The Secret of Joyful Solo Parenting) – single parents will be oriented on the joy of being a single breed winner to kids. They’ll be reminded of the getting on with the act of being a single parent – the pain, the loneliness, the love and care and success of being a single parent!

These Restorations are redeemed by the synergy of all the members of the Light of Jesus Community including priests and lay preachers such as:

Bo Sanchez – Founder.
Alvin Barcelon – Feast builder of Feast Marilao, author, school director, radio and TV host.
Jon Escoto – Feast builder of Beñan Laguna, author, international corporate speaker, senior executive.
Pio Español – Feast builder of Feast Taytay, LOJ pioneer, preacher.
George Gabriel – Feast builder of Feast Pasig morning session and Feast Manila, author, managing editor, radio and TV director and hosts.
Obet Cabrillas – Feast builder of Feast Pasig youth session, author, Radical Men Formation director.
Carl Fontanilla – Feast builder for Cebu, Davao, Iloilo (and some other places), managing director.
Vic Español – Feast builder for Feast Ortigas, general manager, entrepreneur.
Randy Borromeo – Feast builder for Feast Makati, stage director, multimedia president, overall coordinator for KCON.
Arun Gogna – Feast builder for Feast South, author, singer, professor.
Rissa Singson-Kawpeng – editor, author, worship leader, speaker
Michaelangelo Lobrin – humorous public speaker, seminarian, author

Note: The following speakers and the details preceding every speaker maybe abridge. If you want full details talk to them personally, contact or research on them – better yet attend The Feast nearest you.


When I was born and my diminutive cute battle cry reverberated in the house where I was delivered, my parents told me it was their happiest moment – I didn’t know it yet so I just continue growing. When I was in school, graduation of course is the happiest page of that chapter in my life.

Then when I was working, joy is a kilometer ahead of me each day – more often I’d grapple for happiness for a day. It’s hard to find joy in a workplace where the monotony of doing things are spinning lots of cobwebs of boredom, pressures and fastidious workmates.

But when I was at my unguarded moment free from the tangle of an 8-hour daily arrest of a work life, The Feast is one of my happiest moments – I’m looking for anything else. But hey, this is it!

(The passes in the form of wristbands to the Kerygma Conference 2010 - that I'll be missing for another year.)

When the work life is sucking too much of the air I breathe, of the energy and the handfuls of love that I have this event replenishes what was lost. Well, I have to say this “a Feast a day takes worries away.”

The 3-day event in PICC is one of the happiest moments in my life during my unguarded times – the time when I’m freer from the fetters of work and pressures. Of course there are problems and impending worries that are crouching and pigmenting my mental faculty – but they don’t get even with the promising daylight of joy this event offers me. So, I made these days the Lord’s victory over my worries. The joy and happiness I felt is too big enough for worries to creep in – I say sorry for them!

Kerygma Conference 2010 is truly one of the biggest event, I can consider, that brings the joys of heaven down here!

Looking forward for Kerygma Conference 2011 – with eager brows ahead!

(A teaser for the Kerygma Conference 2011)

(A partial [and still counting] list of THE FEAST- a smaller Feast being done weekly. The one in PICC is a Grand Feast)