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This is all about the book of Og Mandino's book A BETTER WAY TO LIVE. But before that, we want few pieces of him.

Og Mandino is like everyone else, is an ordinary man who lived next door – till life taps him on the shoulder – and his ordeal begins in the mantle of this earth.

He is an American writer best known for his bestselling brainchild The Greatest Salesman in the World. And so with his other books such as The Return of the Ragpicker, The Greatest Mystery in the World, Secrets for Success and Happiness, The Greatest Success in the World, The Christ Commission, Mission: Success! and a lot more.

When one time Mandino was giving a talk, lots of his audiences have been dumfounded by the way his life was in the crucible of success – but one in the crowd approached him after his talk and told him that he is making it too easy on his part and to them. So, he laid down two sides of the same coin – his success and even before that.

Og Mandino went through hell for a man that he is now.

He is now an inspirational author by a split second wherein one time he wants to take his life by gutful bullet points perhaps, through his head. But a ray of light showed him a better way to live. From that on he scampered streets to streets till he found a library where he found thoughts on better ways to live life. You’ve got to read the book, he’s got a nice recap of his life before his laurel days.

In this book you’ll be hinted how to turn your dreams into reality. Just have an open mind and heart and be ready to redeem what you’ll learn through actions! For everything is null and void without actions.

I bet you have good intentions even when your nose is pressed against your monitor right now – I tell you – you have to act on it! A good idea is never a good idea unless acted upon. Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) is never a Burj Dubai unless a ground breaking is being laid for it.

So act now!

But there is one thing that Og wants you to accept in your life that perhaps somewhere down the road you have realized that there is something missing or lacking in there. That perhaps, somehow you need help! Concealing that fact is futile acts of psychological pamper – you can hide it from them but not from yours.

I guess whatever social, political and religious denomination you are Og’s seventeen prescriptions will work for you. Og makes it sure that whenever he writes and after that he gives salute to his Boss – Jesus!

Og reassures, so do I, that failure is the sidekick of success. When Og was trying to submit his penning to over fifty magazines in town none of them lift a finger for Og – plus the cockroach infested kitchen and a lack of hefty meal. Well, that’s a lot of failures!

But before anything else here is the main tenet of Og Mandino’s life metanoia and perhaps of this book: You can accomplish anything you wish that is not contradictory to the laws of God or man, providing you are willing to pay a price. That is to say no one lives for free. We are living in a world of consequences and of cause and effect. Where you are now is the price you have paid.

In your way paying the price for your dream you don’t have to worry because there Is a Big Guy above in control of everything. For Og, that Big God is actually moving his chess piece, set back and see what will you going to do – that is your share of challenge!

Og believes that life is a game and that in every game is a set of rule. You’ll never win a game unless you follow the rules. Problem is that in school we’ve been thought academically from head to toe – but we were not thought much about what is life. In fact, the higher your grades the more they expect that you’ll be more intelligent in solving life potpourri of challenges – we’ve proven that wrong!

School is good. I admit I learned my first ABC in school, basic values education, and numbers in mathematics. Well, math will help you solve numerical complexities but not your financial overhead or relational problems.

Now you have God, yourself and other people as your success agents. After series of failures Og finally hear the following words ringing in his ears: “Congratulations, Og, we’ve just bought your book.” And the cry of success is reverberating in one part of his town “I remember walking slowly up to the front of the church, falling down on my knees, and sobbing. Then I clenched my hand tightly together, raised my head, and cried out, mom, wherever you are, I want you to know…we finally made it!”

Now, the fact that you can read this piece of collective alphabet in front of you – you start to do miracles in your life.

Do it!

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