Monday, September 20, 2010


Health doesn’t have to be expensive!

Look around you; healthy elements are spawning all over. High or below the ground all these organic, medicinal and nutritional superlatives are sprouting effortlessly; triumphantly heralding the luscious and verdant bosom of mother earth.
Just like the air we breathe, the sun that peeps into our windowpane in a foggy morning, the crystalline water the constantly showers the lands and the verdant hills that covers the valley with botanical nourishment – so does everything to it that corresponds to man’s sustenance.

Perhaps, we are not born carnivores but rather we were born vegetarian. Most of these that grow at the mantle of the earth work well for men – just like my handpicked vegetable for this write-up – the maluggay or moringa oleifera.

Scientifically Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay natively takes center stage some sort of 20 years and counting since it has been laid for further studies.

Malunggay is the sub-species of the genus Moringa. Malunggay is a tropically oriented vegetable tree. Its growth frolics to tropical countries, here in the Philippines and few other countries in Asia such as Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of the world; Africa, Central and South America. It grows to a typical height of 10 meters tall. Nonetheless, considerably within reach for most cases to native Filipinos who are eager to stew native chicken chops.

Malunggay doesn’t only posses the colossal nutritional value any greener foliage or vegetable may contain but has the capacity to regenerate back to where the stem or any part was cut without worry if it’s being maimed. Rather, the malunggay exudes more rich pods and leaves as it is being cut – a nature’s true wonder and gift.

 Here is another catch to this nature’s bliss. Moringa doesn’t bother if it’s hot or cold out there, wet or dry down there. For richer or poorer it just keeps growing spreading it’s tiny leaves for those who needs it – making the rich richer and making the poor get even with their nutritional lacuna – whatever that is, moringa doesn’t bother.


Malunggay serves as sword and shield of the poor against malnutrition and other impending diseases.

Peeping into its bare essentials the Biotechnology Program Office of the Department Of Agriculture together with biochemists and few other Molecular Anthropologists who work on about maluggay attested that it did contain superb amount of Vitamin C and A, Iron and High-Density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. Here’s the compounded brief of malunggay’s nutritional superiority:

Malungay is...

7X the Vitamin C found in Orange.

4X the Vitamin A found in Carrots.

4X the Calcium of Milk.

3X the Potassium of Banana.

2X the Protein of Yugurt.

Those are just the spearheading breakdown of its basic nutritional value. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a typical mother living in a typical maternal budget, you’ve once been encouraged to ingest few loads of malunggay stuff because of its very high calcium content. Calcium is valuable to lactating mothers.

Malunggay is therefore jam-packed with antioxidants knowing that you can scrape more Vitamin C in it than an orange can. US FDA itself heralds it as one of the daily dietary antioxidants because of its vitamin E content, beta-carotene and selenium – known to decrease the harmful effects of unwanted chemicals in the body.

Other benefits of malunggay that dangles miles and miles from its lowly jumpstart up to even curing waterborne chemicals and biotic elements.

From the roots up to the tip of its height are teeming with medicinal as well household benefits.

Malunggay is used to treat fever and asthma from its roots. The tendered malunggay leaves are instrumental in reducing phlegm, scurvy and catarrhal conditions. The flower concoction alleviates inflammations. The unripe pods are being fed to children with intestinal worms. While down to its fruit is prevention for eye disorders.

It doesn’t exhaust its sinews yet. Malunggay is known to increase semen count from its fruit. This is a great shot to those men who could hardly make one.

Now here are few final blows from your backyard medicine cabinet according to Dr. Kumar Pati, an Indian doctor who specializes in natural medicine. Malunggay restores skin condition or even enhance it, strengthens immune system, controls blood pressure, relieves headaches including migraines, arrest sugar level in the body and put it under control, reduces arthritis pains, prevents the growth of tumors, heals ulcers and a lot more.


We just made so much ado about so many simple things around us that even a household simple diet and healthy regimen goes along way to the commercialized market then back to us thinking those products make radical differences. But no, they get even worse because of manufacturing modifications. The influx of commercialization perhaps, has changed the panorama of healthy lifestyle in the world.

Everything wants to fit into a capsule.

The problem is, capsulated things don’t guarantee you much about what flattery they want to tell you in front of your face – portability perhaps.
Few businesses make big money out of this lowly backyard vegetable making so much flowery commercial output out of it. But the truth is taking malunggay over the counter doesn’t make so much sense than taking it from your own garden patch. Stuffing it in a capsule might perhaps meet ends with those living in hectic city life at the upper limits of a condo unit.

It’s big business once again. Malunggay is not only well known for its potent nutritional components but the same things adhere to its powerful commercial extravaganza.

Other pharmaceuticals are adamant in giving way for malunggay matters over their counter; it would surely compromise parallel products they sell. Keeping you ignorant of the malunggay thing help them get afloat in the market.

One adage suggests, if you want to be radically healthy then take this – if man made it, don’t eat it!