Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When we say it's the best, it's the top of the line objective technological thrust. It would perhaps require your wallet’s sinews, but it's worth the pay.

When we say gaming, the catchword that plays in our mental faculty is speed and power – and perhaps style and design. This requires the robust technicalities to get even with your eager gaming senses. But once again it requires your wallet to at least bleed white. The higher your expectation the higher will be the price. This is what I always tell my clients, in technology, the higher the brute and beauty you expect from your technological piece, the more offensive the tag price will be.

Another thing is frustration. In today’s fast-paced, high-speed technological showdown, you’d expect to be running after the new brew of gadgetry in the middle of the road. The shining shimmering splendor of your gadget today might not be true tomorrow. So, for the techno-buff and gadget bums one better chance is to listen to this advice and the best way to do it is to be vigilant about the new products spawning the market every now and then – if you are a hardcore techie slab!

How should you buy a laptop now? I suggest you’d go for the quality rather than the brand, though most famous brands really spin the quality, nevertheless go still for the quality – I insist! Brands may be get hyped by advertisers and subjects themselves.

When we say quality, what rings a bell is longevity – I guess that spearheads the term quality and the others are just complementing details. The longevity of use without much technical crashes. Others maybe the longevity of the battery life, since what is portability of a laptop without this. Then we have the surefire quality which is the speed. If it’s superb speed that defines your gaming nirvana – then it’s king! Of course, durability. You’re carrying portable sensitive thinking machine in your hand with tender parts, just a bang and off you go for pocket poking repair services. Remember, a laptop repair is more expensive than a desktop – much more with the upgrades.

How do you know the best quality laptop? No other than ask research and know as much as you can hold from the experts and users – that’s the only way. Some suggest straight for an Intel Centrino mobile, well let it be if it’s so save the dash of advertising bash.

In your gaming experience, it takes two to tango. That is, the audio and the video experiences.

That’s it!

The audio rendition must be crisp and laudable. The video-visual experience is the most sacred in the gaming warfare. Obviously, it sucks all the energy your laptop unit has. Since life-like gaming panorama needs more CPU and RAM sinews. That’s why video adaptors are the lifeblood of your gaming laptop. It must have architecture to power and perfection for smooth graphic sailing.

Here are complementing laptop peripherals that must contain power and angst for superior gaming:

• CPU power
• RAM power
• Graphics Card power

Those three elements are the crowned jewel of a gaming laptop you could show in front of the face of the gaming humanity with brows held high – as long as mobile gaming is concerned.

Few handfuls of the handpicked gaming laptops on the market are those below. You might have your choice and their might be more coming, but these are mine as of 2010. Prices are self-service inquiry since it varies from place to place and countries to countries.


This might be Asus’ present mobile gaming monster. The searing insides features include 6 hyperthreaded CPU cores with 6 individual data channels the Intel Core i7-720QM processor, a full load of a wide-accommodating 8 GB RAM coupled by a 1TB(Terabyte) hard drive. The visual sensation comes with a 17.3 inches screen. It weighs 7.4 pounds only. The touch pad is considerably responsive. The key are spaced with consideration for bigger and jerking pinkies.


The beast in this unit is the dual graphics processor embedded on its lungs. That would be some sort of superb graphic quality. It has Core 2 extreme processor, perhaps adaptable to a Quad Core processor. With the high quality graphic adaptors you’ll just see realistic blood spill, gunshot holes, rubble piles, dust particles etc.


With 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 processor, 4GB RAM with 320GB hard drive, the quality’s uncompromising, with the same muscles as mentioned above. It weighs 6 pounds for portability hype. The battery life won’t let you down designed for long and extreme gaming mania. From the outside customization you’ll get the edge of the stylish visual pleasure.


This one’s got the coveted graphic bliss of Nvidia GeForce SLI with its 17 inches (1929X1200). A high resolution display for visual aide to the max – it might be a safe buy for its price nonetheless. The heart is Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme edition. A (perhaps) dual graphic processor by NVIDIA Ge Force Go 8700M GT, won’t let you down the step behind. Random Access Memory contains 4 GB robust DDR2 caching elements and a lot more. From the outside is the Eden of flattery for it's design. It has titillating glowing panels outside like spaceship wing. Light colors varies upon preferences.

So far, if you may excuse me, there is still a lot of mushrooming gaming laptops out there that might outwit these – see it for yourselves. But they may pinch your wallet a little bit and if you adhere that it pays a little bit to be entertained and to let your fingers danglesfew distant miles on our technological highways, then money isn’t the deal – it’s fun instead!



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