Monday, November 15, 2010


What is Bicol but a lump of earth nestled amidst the tiny Philippine archipelago. And what is Bicol Clergy, a few centuries ago, but a circle of priests, church leaders and believers mounted by daring and brave souls from the western horizons all the way to the spiritually untamed planes of Bicol region. Modern generations may perhaps, passively overlook the worth-dying events that tolled the foundation of the priestly people of Bicol. Not to mention the sublime purpose that it brought us – Christianity. The birth of Bicol Clergy is a hard-won reality.

In the historical exposé of Dr. Danilo Madrid Gerona, a noted Bicol anthropologist and historian (September 23, 2005, HRMS, Naga City), it is evident that the origin of the Bicol clergy is a hope-against-all-hope enterprise. Such when he mentioned about Several Friars ferrying in a small makeshift boat, and was caught in the middle of turbulent sea due to the unfavorable weather condition. The lack of food, hunger and bad weather that arrested their journey, found no match to their spiritual and apostolic ardor – and for the Christianization of Bicolandia.

Though the Franciscans (and other religious orders), are the pioneering heralds of priesthood and Christianity to Bicol, have their own vices and intemperance during their tutelage, are still individuals that calls for our salute.

Still few circumstances define the noble foundation behind the modern and prolific aura of the Bicol clergy. It is well understood from the lecture of D. M. Gerona that the brawl between the religious priest and that of the secular was in its lighter side, a blessing in disguise. It would be perhaps, credited for the foundation of a formation house for priest in Bicol. The Seminario Sanctissimo Rosario Concellar de Nueva Caceres. Wherein, in its centuries-long of formative fervor, serves as a fertile ‘life blood’ of the Bicol Clergy.

Revolts, compared to other places in the Philippines, are rare phenomena to the Bicolanos; if not only because of their acquiescent personality and deep-rooted religiosity.

Hence, despite resistance, misunderstanding, and troubled moments, the spirit of Christian accord prevails as the promising daylight of the integrity of the Bicol Clergy. Notwithstanding the fact, that Bicolanos, as sensed in the signature of common sympathy, are with hearts naturally inclined to exceptional religiosity – bringing about the Birth of the Bicol Clergy.


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