Thursday, July 8, 2010


Many individuals suggest that life is like a race or a sort of gamble, which obviously you have to let others fall for you to rise, or others to rise for you to fall - that too I strongly disagree.
The logic is simple.

What is a race but is synonymous to competition. What is a competition but is synonymous to a winner over a loser or more losers and a winner or a winner and all LOSERS!

Life is not like that. That fact that you live, the fact that you are here is the manifestation that you are a winner. Much more if you realize that your existence is driven with or by a certain purpose, then there is no chance of losing and no place for losers; everybody is a WINNER!

Once again, if we consider life as a race, a competition, then one shall stand, the rest shall fall.

If life is a competition, then who would you expect to win? No other than the fittest – the fittest of the human kingdom – the survival of the fittest. This connects to the fact that the majority of mankind is weaklings and only handfuls are strong. So, if you belong to the majority, would you call life a race – a competition?

Now, given the chance that my statement is amenable. Let's say life really is, and really is a competition, then surely this is the only competition and race wherein everybody reaches the finish line altogether as winners – no one's left behind.

Corollary to this thought is the fact that we need each other as a whole. One is crucially connecting to each other like a chain holding the ship at bay. Ones actions affect the wholeness and integrity of the chain. Worse or at it's best, the action reverberates through time and eternity and would deeply affect the coming generations of men. Just site some political scams and scandals, in the Philippine setting, respectively. You'll see how the act (it could be scandal or praise-worthy act) of a certain individual (a politician) affects the entire chain of humanity, we say, Filipino people.

Nonetheless, just like an athlete who brings home the bacon for the country, the same token happens, everybody rejoices in such success. Site some of our successful athletes, musicians, mental wizards who did it some abroad.

In life, if you think yourself rich because the others are poor, think again, that as poor as they are, they serve a great purpose to your riches, since you can barely be called rich without them. If you think yourself strong because the others are weak, think again, that as weak as they are, they serve a great purpose to your strength, for you cannot be called strong if they are strong as you are. If you see yourself beautiful because the others are ugly, think again, that it's only in them that you get your beauty coming out. Because if everybody is beautiful (we say physically), then nobody is beautiful either. If everybody has it, then nobody has it. It's hard to imagine a beauty pageant with contestants having no losing and winning ends. Or a nation, wherein everybody's on the “top” and nobody's sweeping trashes on streets.

Assessing back my first thought is even weaker compared to the second. 'Cause, don't you ever think that life is like that.


Considering our inter-connectedness, then, ones fall would mean the fall of everybody. If you spend the rest of your life thinking that you must be above everybody, then think again, that it is everybody who puts you above!

Everybody is a winner in this life, no matter who you are, and no matter what you do. Just don't forget to realize your purpose!


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