Monday, June 28, 2010


Valentine's Day, like any other celebrations, is one of the top notchers to be cherished and seems to give us nostalgic goose bumps every time it hits the town.

After we've watched Rudolph's flight last Christmas with its blushing-red nose, its blithe seems to dangle an extra mile over lovers rosy chicks. Let me coin this month (February) “a month to blush on.” Almost everybody just got a rosy-red impression on this month.

Ladies with gentlemen to expect, and so with those who do not have, seems to blush all the way once teased with a box of heavy-brown chocolates with a bundle of red red roses in front of their faces. Nonetheless, those expecting a date to no avail seem to blush the other way around.

Yeah, romance is in the air. Its aroma tickles every fiber of your soul, regardless if you are a passionate lover or not, or doesn't have time to care for a date and just let it pass by your window, or just wonder where the breeze of Valentine's Day came from.

Well, Saint Valentine is the big guy of this carnation month, wherein within the realm of the Catholic Church there are various Saint Valentines. Others that are at the least tell few romantic stories. Nonetheless, there are two major saints named Valentine, Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. Both are martyrs and both are saints and both are servants of the Church. They both deserved the credits, but as to the celebration, both names seem to dissolve to orchestrate with the season's romantic whisper.

Another story tells of a medieval period Saint Valentine who was persecuted because of his unwavering faith, when a Roman Emperor named Claudius II, lured him to his paganism. Saint Valentine was sentenced to be executed after he was caught secretly performing marriage which Emperor Claudius II prohibits in a belief that marriage doesn't make good soldiers after all. It was said that before his execution on the 4th of February 270, he dared able to write the first Valentine love letter to his beloved or the jailer's blind daughter he miraculously helped gain back her sight. The note read, “From Your Valentine.” There you go of the historic recap of how Valentine's Day took its shape amidst lovers’ enterprise.

They said that the most unfortunate person in the world is the one who doesn't know how to love, nobody to love and nobody loves him in return. At least I've never met yet a single person in my life like this. However, if you are the person who does simply the opposite of these, then you’re the man!

Valentine's Day is expressed by lovers in multifarious ways, I presume, even to the upper limits of their romantic creativity. Some do it with the most perennial, basic to crucial move, no other than dating. Others do give flowers and chocolates, others made it to the movie houses, others to candle light dinner, others hugs and kisses and others made all through it at the same time. You might be on your best foot on red roses and candy bars to tickle her sweet tooth; well, great! But won't you mind if we offer you some Valentine Tweaks that might give your sweetie a giggle to the bones? Absolutely, yes!

So here you go. If you're to date over the shade of a dimly light bulb, why not try spraying a fragrance over it. The fragrance last for considerable moments that you're there.

Second, kiss her hand. Reason why this is a tweak is that this act is atypical of us Filipinos; we do not usually do this. Nevertheless, when you try to kiss her hand for once in a while that you met, kiss her hand by bending yourself down. Do not pull her hand to your lips.

Third, you've been thanking and praising her for thousand of times without being so aware of the persons who brought her down to you. So why not give some simple “thank you” presents to her parents too?

Fourth, red roses speak a lot during Valentine's Day. Yeah, just do the moves, only that, make it a little bit unique this time. Give her say, nine red roses and one white rose. Put the white rose at the center of the red roses, or as you maybe pleased. Attach a note saying, “Your beauty stands out among the roses of the fields.”

Fifth, a little love note written and inserted on a book she's reading can give you a major plus factor unto her imagining.

And thousand things to do tweaks for your Valentine romances, as long as this page can hold. The most important thing is that – you really don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to spend a little more time with your sweetheart. Make it an everyday occasion. A true lover is irrespective of occasions just to show a genuine affection and love.



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