Thursday, June 10, 2010


Each of us has considerable shares of economic crisis, either you're a businessman, or a simple buyer of commodities.

Nonetheless, this impending dark clouds of economic crisis is worth it if we are panic oriented and less likely to affect if we are aware of the opportunities and the necessary actions to be done. Global economic crisis and opportunities are two sides of the same coin.

Few entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to serve and patch the breach of our economic fortress. “Crisis brings numerous profitable opportunities in the market because people have demands that could be possibly addressed by businessmen. It makes you the best entrepreneur because it gives you opportunities,” said Butch Albarracin, founder and CEO of the Center For Pop Music Philippines.

One has to be vigilant enough to respond to the economic crisis. It could be an opportunity to show-off an entrepreneurial agility and at the same time philanthropy – to help those in need. Their's no excuses to be discouraged, the more we should be obstinate and even to pin down the crisis. “Filipinos should not be discouraged by poverty.” It's just a combination of initiative and hard work. Any enterprise having that kind of attitude will be lucrative in the long-run,” said Jovel Cipriano, founder of – a website that sells Filipino delicacies around the world.

The logic is simple, there is the crisis and here are the opportunities to respond to that crisis. This could be a multifarious things to be said and done. However, geniuses at the corporate is in cunning smile on top of their canopy.

As for every individuals like us considered cells of every economic body, here are few tidbits that can help you toss up few advantages over the evil of this crisis:

Remember that it's all about finances that almost every body is facing about. So it's all about being thrifty now and being ordinately diligent in almost everything.

First thing on hand is food. Yeah, food. Whether we like it or not, we really have to eat, else the other thing is not a palpable choice. The editor suggest you grow your own garden. This may save you a lot for some marketing expenses. I don't mean sarcasm to those living on the 20th floor of a condo unit. However a patch of soil on a terrace, you can grow tomatoes at best. Just don't forget to enjoy what you're doing. While for those who are living at the bosom of a farm, this is one big hit for you. At most, you have to watch-out for unnecessary left-overs.

Second is transportation. Why not take a public transportation. Of course their might be other things I might not happened to hit along the lines why I should say step down from your cozy couch sedan and kick-ass on a jeepney ride or something. But try to take the balance such as the cost of the gas, parking, maintenance and your additional slot on the traffic jam.

Third is for entertainment. Why not enjoy simple stuff as of the moment. Instead of going to the cinema, why not spend an hour or two with your family in front of a television set. Instead of getting tabs on the Internet and Play Stations for several hours, why not revive your old hobby. It might be playing guitar, sketching, reading books, conversing with friends and a lot more.

Third is housing. This is corollary to food. We really have to have a house, whether we like it or not, others just got no other choice. Well, anyway you're good enough if you have a house just before the crisis hit. Nevertheless, it would be your lucky strike if your planning to have one yet since some said real estate prices are down. But still, take time to think and realize few things. For micro savings on your household, well, it would take another issue to tackle it down.

Fourth and not the least is our individual jobs. This is again an opportunity to love your job while others are basking the heat of the sun looking for one; or worst, got retrenched from their jobs (might be because of the crisis). And if you did really lose your job, then don't just freeze on the corner waiting to be walloped by the crisis, look for a brand new job. It is again an opportunity to prove your worth as one of the economic warriors who is willing to stand the test of times.

Again for your finance, the simple rational reflex is spend less, save more.


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