Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FARRAH GRAY Millionaire at Fourteen

"My story, though unique, is not unlike others who began with nothing more than a dream fueled by sheer determination. I believe my story will remind you of the kid in all of us who know no limits and believes anything - and everything - is possible.” – It's no other than Dr. Farrah Gray's personal catchphrase on his socio-economic journey to getting rich inside-out.

Dr. Farrah Gray is one of those seemingly ordinary street slabs scampering academic grounds and who kicked ass with the odds to later be a confessed self-made millionaire at age fourteen.

Raised at the indigent Southern part of Chicago, he's ultimately not a member of the “lucky sperm club” as what Warren Buffett quoted to those born with golden spoons. Gray, like any of us, made good use of his diligence with a sheer persistence and determination. You see, it's not black magic, those are just common platitude of the mind – I said he “made good use” of these common resources.

Later, you'll know how he maid it.

Meanwhile, you'll know that a man who made good use of his mental faculty and see things that needs to be done and did it, is worth noticing.

Farrah Gray is in spotlight too since he was known for his entrepreneurial acumen. He began his airwave supremacy since his maiden interview when he was eleven on KVBC Channel 3. Since then he hits NBC's Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, Oprah and Friends, FOX, CBS, Wall Street Journal and a lot more. He was also featured at AOL Black Voices as one of those who made a big splash on Black Making History 2008.

Perhaps, arrayed with Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Gray was lined among those influential black men in America by the Urban Influence Magazine under National Urban League. Likewise, Ebony Magazine cited him as an entrepreneurial icon, business baron and with his witty inscription, a bestselling author. At 21, he has his Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University coupled and due to his advocacy on entrepreneurial values, integrity, philanthropy and leadership. From then, Dr. Gray has been able to speak at the mount with authority and inspired millions of individuals around the globe.


As promised, you'll know he did it and when did he sparked his current riches. Nonetheless, this might not be much, since the other slice of the pie is on his “9 Steps to Becoming Rich Inside-Out,” his debut on financial as well as self-help book.

When Farrah Gray was six years old, it was said that he started his first entrepreneurial feat by selling body lotion for $1.50, delivered door to door. At age seven, he has been noticed to carry a little business card quoting, Farrah Gray “21st Century CEO” which he carry wherever he goes and whom ever he talked with. Heaven never did forbid him about this; it might even have lost patience because of his persistence. Now he's more than just that, he is a king in a right of his own.

At age nine, Farrah is on a radio show in Las Vegas named “Backstage Live,” where he co-hosted the show. With this program he cached almost 12 million listeners every Saturday. One year further, this ushered him to a more lucrative speaking engagement positing a really rich $5,000 to 10,000 per appearance. Furthermore, at age thirteen Farrah Gray started his first 'company,' the Farr-Out Foods Company, nestled at New York with young people as primary target and clients.

As everybody might have known about him since he was making noise is that, at age 14, he is a SELF- MADE MILLIONAIRE! A simple paradigm of a rags-to-riches enterprise. He grossed $1.5 million under Farr-Out Foods by hitting to that sale. With this, and on the same age, he started NE2W or New Early Entrepreneur Wonders with funds and projects focused on students and learners.

At age 15, he is UNSTOPPABLE! Farrah entertained franchising (or selling) Farr-Out Foods for $1,00,00.00 plus. As part and parcel of his humane endeavor, as philanthropy, he founded the Farrah Gray Foundation, intended for some charitable projects. More on, the U.S. Department Of Commerce commissioned him to oversee an entrepreneurial institute for the Minority Business Development Agency. As young as he is, it deed never mind, if he could be the youngest loud to serve at the Board of Advisor for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. He is the youngest to take it at the same age, and he did it.

When he was 16, he has become more absorbent to more opportunities this world afforded him. He acquired a magazine from Inner City Broadcasting Corporation called Innercity Magazine. A little later he was honored to be the second African-American to own a show production by funding it. The show, Las Vegas Strip is a comedy show he owned which made him seconded Red Foxx.

At age 19, he thinks it might be time to take a little sit and pen things down. He signed his book “Reallionaire” with his publisher HCI ( Health Communications Incorporated) wherein he made his “9 Steps to Becoming Rich from Inside Out.” With the same publisher he co-authored “Chicken Soup for African-American Soul.” Also publisher of the bestselling book series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

At age 20 and beyond, he is at large for total 'amok.' He has become the youngest real estate broker. Later, his book and he himself becomes a bestselling author for “Reallionaire.”

At 21, he was honored with a Mastercard in his name, “GoFarr” Mastercard by First Premiere Bank.

Extending more his socio-economic tentacles, he co-founded Realty Pros a property asset management company, a charitable Spokesman for National Marrow Donor Program African-American Initiative, became a columnist of National Newspapers Publishers Association reaching a 15 million readership, became an AOL Money Coach.

At 23, he released his “Get Real: Get Rich: Conquer the 7 Lies Blocking You from Success.”

At age 24, Realty Pros become a $30 Million asset. Bringing him as well as those working for him hefty sheaves of riches home. And at this point, he might have seated once again for a penning, he launched his book “The Truth Shall Make You Rich: The New Road Map To Radical Prosperity.” One wise way of immortalizing his thoughts and he himself.

At age 24 'till his golden age soon, we have to expect him counting his years of more banknotes on his accounts and more maturity on his sensibility. As of us feeling him from a distance, he seems like diamond in the making. We know that he's getting better and better days through days and experiences through experiences. Turning back to ourselves, we might as well see ourselves wearing our “21st Century CEO” card.


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