Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Earth Day gives notice to each individual around the globe that nature is the only one we've got – and so with Mother Earth. Once lost, it would be impossible for human laboratory to create nature in a test tube – all by it self. The 'inconvenient truth' is itself knocking hard in our sense of initiative to at least, as part and parcel of the natural ecosystem, left a finger to revive nature's scarred face. Imagine if everything else fails, including the solid ground where everything literally stand still, but because of human disregard towards our nature, she's on her way getting even with it – who's to bear the blame now?

Almost everything we do contributes to nature's conservation or destruction, but more often than not, it leads to the second one. Well, as long as we are aware and our eyes open to its reality and we are doing something about it, we don't really have to be extremely anxious about it. Why don't we just enjoy caressing nature by filling our senses with it's beauty, thank God for its unparalleled wonders – and thank yourself for picking (and recycling or putting it in a trash can) a piece of plastic scattering on your way.

Environmentalists as well as scientists assert that 90 percent of the cause of the serious environmental breach that we have now is man-made. From the simple individual's aerosol perfume, heating or using oils either by cooking or lighting, to an individual's car emission and all throughout a large coal-fired factory of whatever kind. Besides that, deforestation adds insult to injury. Hence, less tress less means of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

At the high of the industrial age, carbon dioxide emission races to 31 percent and counting more per year. And we've got that far from 31 percent, it's evident, you just can't afford to peep out of your door to check out who's calling but to save your skin from the noonday heat.

The saying that goes, “everything that goes up, must necessarily goes back down” is true when it comes to the environmental hazards that we spill into the earth. The waste that we carelessly throw to nowhere goes up in the form of harmful carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases and then goes back in a daredevil heat, which was suppose to escape from the earth atmosphere, but just trapped by the gasses we emit.

Now, it's a heated controversy on Global Warming – an “inconvenient truth.” To save space and to be frank and candid, what does it do in front of our face. It's chilling, about.com states, “as the concentration of greenhouse gases grows, more heat is trapped in the atmosphere and less escapes back into space. This increase in trapped heat changes the climate and alters weather patterns, which may hasten species extinction, influence the length of seasons, cause coastal flooding, and lead to more frequent and severe storms.”

April marks the universal action-oriented celebration of the Earth Day month. Though, it is observed in varieties and in different months and days on the other part of the Globe, April is the universally instituted month and 22 for the day for it is deemed less likely to conflict with any other academic, social and religious activities. Earth Day spearheads in the appreciation and awareness towards our environment.

I supposedly to cover about summer escapades this month of April, nonetheless summer comes and summer goes, it deed never ceases. But when environment goes off, wasted and left the shores of your summer escapade it would be hard for her to be summoned again and you'll find yourself making raft for the rest of your life.

Earth Day appeals to our common sense of care initiative. Pick-up piece of paper, avoid obnoxious chemicals, recycle, clean your surroundings and the like. It doesn't need elite and executives to clean up our environment. Its appeal is on our own little way rich or poor, man, woman and kids, black or white. After all, we only live in a one roof of a global environmental community.

There are things we might as well consider to our self this month of April as Earth Day month. The proceeding suggestions you could do, again in your own little way, to help Mother Earth gain back her lush and beneficent beauty. In the long run, the lives we help and save maybe our own.

Be Informed. With the global warming we experience, tandems the global spark of communication at the reach of your fingertips. It pays to be informed really. Internet itself opens it's delta to a megalithic information gateways. It has almost everything there is to know. Why not spend sometime watching an environmentally oriented movies or documentaries. The “Inconvenient Truth,” as presented by former vice president Al Gore, won't surely escape your viewing scope. It is an award winning documentary film bulky with information about our environment, more in particular about global warming and what we can do about it.

Participate. Everything you read and you hear including your brightest idea will just serve as a useless cog in your mental faculty unless you try to lay them down on the ground. Earth Day facilitates programs all about preserving the environment just like green peace rallies, workshops on recycling and others, marathons, concerts, tree planting and many more. You as an individual who's part of nature's beneficiaries do not only act as spectator, you yourself is an agent who must work with her. You do not even have to wait for any Earth Day to fall on your calendar. Every day is an Earth Day, do your part, do your 'homework' for her.

Plant a tree. When you plant a tree, you do not only plant a root to hold the earth, you actually plant a future for the coming generations. One author says, in order for your name to be immortalize and never forgotten, you must write a book, bare a child and of course plant a tree. I don't know if it makes sense to you, but I'm quite sure the last few words does. A tree is considered as a lungs of the environment. It sucks CO2 and breaths out oxygen. Besides, it prevents urban erosion by storing water and halting the direct fall of the water to the ground. Tress also absorbs sound and thus helps in reducing noise pollution. And more, it cools down the surrounding place not just by its shade but by the oxygen it naturally gives off. You did plant a future by planting a tree.

Recycle. This works well if practice and observed faithfully. So don't be stubborn. Here is how it works. Say, a plastic bottle. What should you do about it? Obviously, you are reading me, so you have to recycle it rather than actually wasting it on a landfill for 1000 years and commissioning more factory emission of producing new bottles. Secondly, around 60 to 70 percent of the junkies we throw away are very much recyclable. And a survey shows that 9 out of 10 are willing to recycle their rubbish. Wouldn't you cooperate with them? Third, glasses are among those recyclables, yet if we don't, it took them 4000 years on the ground before disintegrating with the soil, while if we us it, it has definite usability and purpose. Fourth, it actually hones your creativity, just give it a try. Fifth, it would perhaps ring a bell for you. You can actually earn money with recyclables. Scrap metals, cans, bottles are sold for an amount. I bet there are lots junk shops in your town tossing these things on the scale. These and a lot more to mention about recycling.

Think Green. At all times of course, you really have to think green! What I mean is think clean! Remember, from the abundance of your thoughts, your mouth and your action speaks.


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